TRE …. Chain UK

Arrival of the Telecommunications Research Establishment to South Dorset.

A profoundly mysterious, spooky and utterly secretive presence.

Strange and eerie sounds like the voices of gods in the skies, with occasional flashes like lightning appearing out of nowhere in the hills.

People were seen walking across the sweeping hills – only to disappear as if into nowhere – into the night.

Military security checkpoints appeared along the narrow winding roads in the hills – and from where they

seem to somehow know in advance of your approach, including the number of your vehicles – minutes before you had even arrived!

Some people were scared – wondering what on Earth it was all about.

And who were these young men in the town – with signs – like a small yellow lightning flash – on their top left arms – who were to be given priority in every situation – even if queueing in a canteen – where they were to be immediately put to the front of the queue regardless. Given top priority whatever the situation, and at all times – no questions to be asked.

For the villagers up in the hills – some who had never been more than 5 or 6 miles from the village – there were the strange goings-on at Worth Matravers!