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Dorset Coast – looking over the English Channel (more than 70 yrs after D-Day)

Such a very serene, and a peaceful scene, in the 21 Century.

These scenes – are seen by walkers on some of the walking groups that I have occasionally been on  – and out of the 20 or so on a walk at any one time – there are quite a few in their 50s – and amazingly – but nerthertheless it is the case – most if not all have no real idea of the awe-inspiring history – the history and stories of Dorset, and in this photo South Dorset – of the key role that it played, being just a part of a major contribution, in changing the destiny of the world. And how easily people forget ‘as it were’ – where the next generation do not know how their freedom was won.  Just a little pillbox on the top of one of the towering cliffs over the English Channel – one of very many – of all sorts of different constructions, shapes and sizes – that were built, along with many other defensive structures – for the expected invasion of the UK – and that in the end – was never to arrive. And that mysterious young men – with the ‘little sign’ on the top of their left arms – had played a major role in changing all of that – starting in the Spring of 1940. They were seen high up in the 600 foot or so hills of  The Purbeck Isle – where a very dramatic further development of an already-game-changing-key-invention took place – and in some way that was ‘mysteriously connected to these top-secret young men’ – who could very occasionally be seen to walk along the hills – only to – according to one villager – who happened to be close enough at the time – apparently disappear in the mists and not be seen again.  Thick mists frequently formed in these valleys at various times – as well as low clouds descending upon the tops of the hills – which would completely obscure everything in their midst.  All that the villagers nearby knew – was that some said that they seemed to be able to see into the future – and of a strange machine that would hover round and round for hours – and on one paticular day – round the old church during Sunday mornings prayers – and with it continuing its circling non-stop all through the sermon and the following hyms – so much so that they could hardly hear what they were even singing! Their vociferous complaints to the military – now well installed in various ways – it seemed for miles around – both East and West – were completely and totally ignored. There was in a way a complete disconnect with this particular isolated village community – in this most secluded part of the hills. Everything was a mystery to them, and of the whole scene everywhere – and which was surrounded by impenetrable security – both physically impenetrable and impenetrable to any clear form of information that made basic sense. Although – it was quite clear that The British RAF were present in uniform in large numbers – both male and female. Not even the vicar who would normally be informed of all activities in the local area – and who lived in a large rather grand vicarage nearby – knew anything whatsoever about what was really going on in any significant detail. They realised that it was obviously to do with the war – but as to exactly what was going on – regarding very strange happenings – he was as baffled as they were.

What they did know – was that these huge metal constructions appeared – some say 350 feet or more high up in the sky. And in one place there were four of them them in a row, all with different arrangements of platforms at various intervals on the way up – very strange and alien shapes. Sometimes a person walking that way could see a couple of men standing on the platforms halfway up – even in stormy weather – which appeared unbelievably dangerous in regards to their safety – considering the fierce winds that these hills often experienced – and as evidenced by some trees permanently bent towards the east – from the prevailing winds. Even in one case – a woman in her RAF uniform – was seen high up – on her own doing something to the equipment – with howling winds that could almost blow you off your feet – even on the ground!. It was all terribly strange. Very strange shapes – and weird groaning-like sounds emanating every now and then from out of the clouds – as if there were elemental forces hovering up in the skies. Some villagers – thought these constructions were somehow connected to some living force in some way – adding to the mystery of the groaning sounds, and the occasional flashes of light seen across the valleys at dusk. No one was allowed anywhere near them, these could be seen from the distance especially with a rare pair of binoculars that a resident might have obtained from somewhere to get a better view – although one or two locals not directly connected to this village – could occasionally be seen walking nearby just before dawn. All the questions in the world to the soldiers – and even those in high positions when visiting the town hall – questions to anyone they could find – came to nothing that clarified it properly.  It was a blank, and it was as if they didn’t know what on earth the villagers were talking about. A more strange situation – they couldn’t imagine. They did know of course that we were at war – but what was going on – and who were these people were up high on the hills, and what they were actually doing – nobody really knew.

Many of the stories are now known by myself – of the struggle here for this development ‘against all the odds’ – and a struggle that also took place in what might be seen now – as in an amazingly short time!

Little did they know – these particular isolated villagers – that wondered what the heck was going on – that they also would be ‘disappeared as it were’ – lost and gone forever – lost in time – and be just memories back in history – preserved as a museum of past-life – that still can be visited today – with a graciousness – as one might say – where the public are allowed periodic visiting times to an empty village from the past – where in that place – time is frozen for ever from the moment of midday December 18, 1943 – when time actually stopped for this village – which is now secluded behind the official boundary lines of the territory now belonging to The British Army. Don’t go at the wrong time when the red flags are up – or you will be liable to end up as an unseen, and unintended target.


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