So much is lost …

There is just so much to say about this time – regarding the first part of 1940s Dorset – that in one way – to write it all down – if that was even humanly possible – would ‘appear to in my estimation’ – need to take forever. It cannot be done. Only a small amount – will ever be recorded – and yet that will seem like an upside-down paradox – where there is absolutely vast amounts already out there – but nevertheless – in my opinion, I feel that I can tell you – that this is only just a small part of all that took place. The rest will never be known – and it will be lost, lost forever from the annals of history. Something about this seems ‘for-ever-timeless’ – somehow like the white chalk cliffs themselves – many hundreds of feet high – that were formed from millions of years of the endlessly decaying minute lifeforms of plankton, that floated all the way down to the bed of what were once vast lakes – over a period of more than 100 million years or so, endlessly drifting gently down – to lay layer, upon layer, upon layer of fine white particles, forming ‘a ongoing for ever deepening bed of white mud’ – all the way back through the aeons of time.

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